According to the ancient Vedic Scriptures

Gemstones can be used for the entire life (called life/fortune stones) or for a temporary period for alleviating certain deficiencies during periods of duress.

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Gemology in Astrology

Gemology is the science of use of gems and stones
for medical and astrological purpose. The Bhasma (Powder extract) is extensively used in Ayurveda for preparing medicines without any negative side effects for astrological purpose, the gem is imbedded in a ring or pendant in such a manner that the bottom is open allowing the gemstone to touch the body (diamond being the exception). Varahamihira (author of the classical text Brihat Samhita) suggests that a gem having a good luster, pure and clear color and without flaws ensures good luck and protection. Flawed gemstones, on the other hand, can bring disaster.

following information based on “Vedic Remedies Astrology” by Sanjaya Rath 


Practical Use

2 Theories

There are two theories on the use of gemstones
for astrological purpose.


1st Theory

The first is based on the principle of enhancing a particular ray or color effect in which the gemstone acts like an amplifier. This has the sanction of the Rig-Veda where we are ad vised to use the seven gems to catch the (visible spectrum) rays of the sun. This is the foundation of color therapy.


2nd Theory

The second theory which has become popular, but is of obscure source is that the gemstone acts like a cosmic filter preventing the ray or particular vibration from affecting the user. Diseases are caused in the body due to deficiencies and the use of certain gemstones to
“enhance” or supplement the deficiency results in the improvement of health, mood and life- force.

Horoscope Gemstones

Classification of Gems to Planets

84 varieties of gerstone called Ratna, have been mentioned in the scriptures.

These are classified into two categories called Maharatna or astrological gemstone and Uparatna or substitutes. There are three methods of defining the Maharatna (real gemstone).

Method 1: Panca Tattva

The five elemental forms of existence of all sub stances called Tatwa are used to define the five Maharatna.


Diamond Ruby Pearl Blue Sapphire Emerald
Vayu / Air Agni / Fire Jala / Water Akash / Ether Prithvi / Earth

The seven planets from Sun to Saturn represent the seven colors of visible light that lead to creation. These are represented by the Saptarishi. The Rig Veda also advises, the use of these seven gemstones for “catching” the rays of the sun. Thus, gemstones chosen on this basis are called “life stones” and are to be worn in the finger of the Sun (ring finger – Angusthan).


Diamond Ruby Pearl Blue Sapphire Emerald Yellow Saphire Red Coral
Venus Sun Moon Saturn Mercury Jupiter Mars
Method 3: Nava Ratna (Nine Gems) Navagraha

Nine gemstones (Navaratna) come under the classification of Maharatna. These are based on the nine graha (Planets & nodes that affect human life) from Sun to Ketu.


Diamond Ruby Pearl Blue Sapphire Emerald Yellow Saphire Red Coral Hessonite Cats Eye
Venus Sun Moon Saturn Mercury Jupiter Mars Rahu Ketu


Your Gemstone

The Gemstones are selected on the basis of various criteria. These include:

Janma Masa (Vedic Month)

When the birth information / data is doubtful and only the Sun’s position can be tentatively determined, then the gemstone for the Sun sign is prescribed [This is not recommended by the author].

Janma Tithi

The Vedic date of birth (called Tithi”) is ruled by one of the eight planets from Sun to Rahu. Sun (Pratipad, Navami), Moon (Dwiteeya, Dasami), Mars (Triteeya, Ekadasi), Mercury (Chaturthi, Dwadasi), Jupiter (Panchami, Trayodasi), Venus (Shasti, Chaturdasi), Saturn (Saptami, Poornima) and Rahu (Astami, Amavasya). If the lord of Janma Tithi is a malefic and inimical, then there is danger to life and Parents. For example Bhagvan Sri Krishna was born in this planet on Janmastami. The Tithi implies rulership by Rahu showing that He was threatened by many dangers from demons as a baby and his Parents were in bondage. Use of gemstones of the planet ruling the Janma Tithi, service to the Cow etc. can ward off the evils. If the planet is malefic to Lagna then the stone is worn on the left hand while if beneficial, it is worn on the right hand.

Jana Vara

Although some astrologers prescribes stones for the day of birth (eg. Mercury rules Wednesday – emerald), this not advised and instead the Janma Tithi / Nakshatra should be used.

Janma Nakshatra: The gemstone of the lord of the birth counstellation of the Moon (based on the rulership by Vimsottari dasa planets – Navagraha) is used for mental solace / stress reduction. For example if a person is born in Satabhisaj Nakshatra (Moon star at birth), then Rahu is the lord, and its gemstone as per table – is Gomedh. If Rahu is malefic for Lagna, this stone is worn on the left hand whereas if benefic on the right hand. Simultaneously, the native should be advised to recite the Nakshatra mantra.

Jana Lagna / Ascendant

The lord of the Ascendant (Lagnesh) is the primary controller of health and life force (Jiva). If the native is physically unwell or for improving health the gemstone of the lord of Lagna should be prescribed. This gemstoneis “always” worn in the ring finger (Angusthana) and ensures good health. This gemstone is popularly called the life stone and should be prescribed in preference to all others. For progeny and internal strength the jiva (life force) is strengthened on the basis of the Saptaratna (Seven Stones). The
order of Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter for odd signs is reversed for even signs. Determine the Saptamsa of lagna and the planet. Thereafter strengthen this by prescribing the suitable gemstone. It may be noted that this is rarely used expect for progeny / childbirth. Again mantra’s / prayers are always preferred.

Bhagya / good fortune

The gerstone of the lord of the ninth house gives good fortune. Gemstone of the lord of the fifth house can also be prescribed. These are called “Fortune stones”

Dharma / Ista Devata

the Maharatna for the Pancha Tatwa (Five elements) are offered to the Pancha Devata Five principal deities:

  • Ganesha (Prithvi Tatwa – Emerald)
  •  Shiva (Vayu Tatwa- Diamond)
  • Shakti / Devi Vapa Tatwa – Pearl)
  • Surya (Agni Tatwa – Ruby)
  • Vishnu (Akash Tatwa – Indraneela – light blue Sapphire)
Notes of caution
  1. Please seek professional advice before using gemstones for health purposes
  2. Normally the life stone and fortune stone can be prescribed.
  3. Gemstones of mutually inimical planets should never be used simultaneously as they shall prove to be very adverse.
  4. If any planet is inimical to the lord of Lagna, the use of its gemstone or mantra can damage / endanger the concerned people related to the house owned by the planet. For example if the lord of the fifth house is inimical to the lord Lagna, then the use of a gemstone of the lord of the fifth house or its mantra can endanger the life children. Hence utmost caution should be used in prescribing gernstones.
  5. The right hand is ruled Jupiter and the left hand
    by Venus indicating increase (right hand) or de-
    crease (lift hand) of life force. Thus, if gemstones
    have to be prescribed to decrease the evil effects
    of a malefic planet, its gemstone should be used
    in the left hand. Such use should be temporary
    covering the dasa-bhukti of the planet.

Balance Mind

Selection of Gems

The main criteria for the choice of a gemstone is its color. The quality/ value of a gemstone depends on (a) the beauty of the stone (b) its availability (c) hardness and (d) its cut and polish. The beauty is a function of its degree of refraction and color, its “fire” or display of prismatic colors, diachronic ability to display two different colors when viewed in different directions (However, these stone are not used as astrological gemstones) and transparency. The choice of a gemstone will depend on its inherent nature, Diamonds are valued for their fire and brilliancy; Ruby/ Emerald must have a high intensity and uniform color. Star Sapphire and star rubies are chosen on the basis of the star effect called asterism beides their color.


Finger for wearing Gems

The index finger is called Tarjani and is considered very inauspicious. In mantra recitation the beads should never touch this finger, even while turning the rosary (when we finish one circle of 108 beads). It rules the “Ahamkara” and is the finger of “fall” or expression of anger. The Gyana Mudra has all finger except this index finger stretched out with the index finger (of anger) being in touch with and controlled by the Akashtatwa of the Thumb. Normally for people who are spiritual / worship their Guru, gemstones should not be used in this finger. Some astrologers prescribe Ruby / Yellow Sapphire for Power / Wealth respectively, for use in the index finger. However these gemstones have been found to give better results of stable power and gradual stable growth in finance in the ring finger.




Ring Finger

Agni / Fire

Dharma Trikona

Middle Finger

Prithvi / Earth

Artha Trikona

Little Finger

Vayu / Wind

Karma Trikona

Index Finger

Jala / Water

Moksha Trikona

More Details


The gemstone of a planet placed in a house should be worn according to the quadrant (Kendra house) is whose trines it is placed. Thus a planet in the ninth house influences the Dharma Trikona and its gemstone should be worn in the ring finger. Gemstones of planets in Moksha Trikona (4,8,12) should not be prescribed as then they would
be worn in the Tarjani (Index finger). Instead mantra of these planets should be advised.

Further gemstone cannot be worn in the finger of inimical elements. For example, if a Red Coral is to be worn for Mars placed in the seventh house, this cannot be prescribed for the little finger due to Mars ruling Agni Tatwa (fire element), which is opposed to the Vayu Tatwa (Air element). Thus a Coral can only be worn in the ring finger (Agni Tatwa / Fire) or middle finger (Prithvi Tatwa / Earth). Just as the thumb is different from the other four fingers and in conjunction with them does all work, the Akash Tatwa (Ether element-
symbolized by the Thumb) permeates all signs of the other elements and is the driving force / Dhi Shakti.


Divine Power

Revelant Gem Properties

Play of Color

It is a phenomenon caused by irregularities and miniature cracks inside the stone, Under observation, certain areas/ pockets of the stone tend to exhibit brilliant areas of color that changes in hue and size as the stone is moved. For astrological purpose, this is considered a defect and the gemstone should be rejected. Milky or smoky reflection from within, like in Opals should
not be prominent.


It is the optical property of irregular interior reflection (like on watered silk) due to the fibrous structure of some gemstones. They appear as a ridge or “eye” that tends to rotate like an “eyeball”
as the stone is moved. The intensity of the fibre increases the prominence of the ridge/ eye. This feature is seen in tiger’s eye or Cat’s eye and is a prized quality of the stone.


It is the optical property as viewed in reflected
light. Metallic, adamantine (like in diamonds),
vitreous (like in glass), resinous, greasy, silky,
pearly and dull are the types of luster.


Physical observation may not be an adequate safeguard is and testing of gemstones is advised.

The refractive index as well as polarization (Emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst are double refracting whereas diamond, garnet, glass (zircon) are single refracting). a dark field
illuminator with a binocular microscope can be
used to confirm whether the stone is natural or

Synthetic Gems

Synthetic rubies and sapphire have become popular, but natural gemstones should be preferred. The stars formed appear to be sharper. Emeralds are meant to enhance the” green color effect” on the user. However artificial emeralds, when viewed under ultraviolet light, exhibit a red glow (akin to a Martian stone) showing that the
artificial emerald would give a mixture of ” green and red light effects” on the wears. Thus, until only natural gemstones should be used for astrological remedial purpose.

Power of Gems

Description of Gems

The main Astrological relevant gems are described here. 


Pearls are a lustrous concretion consisting mainly of Nacre (Popularly called mother-of pearl), which is the substance forming the inner layers of the mollusk shells. The pearl is an abnormal growth due to a minute foreign particle invading the body of the mollusk. The particle irritates the mollusk and becomes coated with layers of Nacre. Both marine and freshwater mollusks produce pearls. Spherical pearls are the best. A Bouton pearl is hemispherical. If a solid pearl has an irregular shape, it is known as a Baroque pearl. Pearls are commonly known as pear, bell or drop, according to the shape. Pearl coloration varies as white, black, rose, and cream.
Natural, spherical pearls have been cultured successfully since 1920. This is controlled, but natural and these pearls can also be used as astrological gems. Artificial pearls, in contrast to cultured pearls, are entirely artificial, made largely of glass and should be rejected. A good pearl strengthens mental faculties, calms emotions and increases peace of mind. An excellent gem for meditation.

Red Coral

Red Coral is a large class of marine invertebrates characterized by a protective calcium carbonate or horny skeleton (also called coral). Corals are divided into two subclasses, based on differences in their radial symmetry (symmetry around a central axis) of eight-tentacle animals, each with an internal skeleton or six-tentacle (or multiples of six). The Red coral belongs to the eight-tentacle sub-class. It removes obstacles and averts accidents, discord and warfare. It is an asset in money matters and makes a person debt free. By purifying the blood it helps in pregnancy & childbirth besides curing boils.

Imperial Topaz / Yellow Sapphire

IMPERIAL TOPAZ / YELLOW SAPPHIRE the symbol of universal love and brotherhood, promotes general well being and spiritual
knowledge. It is very helpful for pregnancy & childbirth. It nullifies Kuja Dosha and promotes marriage and controls a malefic Mars in
preventing jaundice and liver diseases. Excellent for business stability and financial matters, it is one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Topaz occurs not only in the transparent yellow, yellow brown, orange-brown, and pink-brown colors. It is a hard, brilliant stone but it is much rarer and much more expensive than the Citrine (Quartz) stones commonly sold as “Rio topaz,” “Madeira topaz; “Spanish topaz” and “Palmeira topaz.”


HESSONITE (Gomedh) has smoky-red luster. The other varieties are of honey color.

Cats Eye

CAT’S EYE is gem-quality chrysoberyl. With cabochon cut (oval, rounded form), a light-colored line appears that moves as the gem is turned, giving the stone a resemblance to the eye of a cat. This phenomena called chatoyance (asterism) is caused by a parallel arrangement of fine fibers of either foreign substance or minute hollow tubules.

Cut of a Gem

Cabochon Cut

The cabochon – cut (rounded in the back, which
is required to touch the skin) is preferred for star
ruby, Cat’s eye, opal, moonstone and other
opaque stone.

Brilliant Cut

the brilliant – cut is used for most other stones where the number of facets are in multiples of eight with a minimum of 24 facets in the base and 32 facets in the crown. It appears as a round ellipse on top view. Round rubies are preferred whereas for heavier weights the ellipse shape is preferred. The other shapes are square (preferred for yellow sapphire), triangular, trapezoidal etc.

Emerald Cut

the Emerald -cut is a terminology used for large flat cuts with a rectangular large table facet and a few supplementary facets. Large rubies, sapphire, emerald and diamond are cut in this manner.


We highly recommend getting a professional reading of your horoscope. Thus you can ensure that you will have the proper gemstone causing the desired effect. 

Source Sanjaya Rath

“Vedic Remidies in Astrology”

A comprehensive overview as a table on Gemstone use in astrology

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