Gopal Englberger


was born in Cusco, Peru and raised by wonderful parents. Already from early age he was exposed to the Vedic, ancient Indian, culture through the Krishna Movement.

He spend 7 years as a monk studying ancient texts and practicing devotion. As part of his service he presented Books of Vedic philosophy at the major universities in Germany.

2019 He happily married Kristin Kallas with whom they served in management.

Two years later Gopal decided to make his passion for jewelry a major part of his life

His designs are inspired by the elaborate traditional jewelry of Indian culture, contemporary jewellers and modern architecture.


Our journey

started with love.

looking for the perfect engagement ring, Gopal finally decided to make a unique self designed piece. 

With the help of his dear friend they realized their first project. 



“This kindled the fire of imagination. Passion grew more and more. Designs started to flow in my mind and I cannot resist them ever since”